Causes, And The Cause And Effect Of The Outsiders

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Conare Lucas 11/1/17
Prof Philip Titan Cause –and– Effect Essay
When people first start reading a book there is one burning question: "What is this story about?" It’s a heavy question, especially for a fiction novel with so many fabricated details. You can fix this by saying a story is all about decisions. Of course, there are other themes, but the entire story is connected by the questions characters ask themselves and the outcome of their own answers. We can think about how this mimics real life. How every day we are forced to consider life's chance situations; some casual, some pressing, but all of them impacting our final growth as people and those around us to some degree. A good example of this is when in the book "The Outsiders", our protagonist Jonny decided to kill Bob in self-defense, this resulted in Jonny and Ponyboy going on the run. The decisions, the choices, that were made by Jonny change the course of his and his cohort's entire lives in an instant--directing the whole final tale and story outcome.
In the book the outsiders Ponyboy and many other characters have to make questionable decisions. A good example of this is, Ponyboy's choice to walk might bring up questions. Why does Pony boy walk home alone, even though he knows it's not safe? Is he just making a foolish choice? Is he
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