Causes And Treatment Of Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic Cancer What exactly is the pancreas it is an organ that makes insulin and enzymes for digestion. The pancreas is located behind the lower part of the stomach and is about the size of a hand (National Institute of Health, n.d.). Pancreatic cancer is a disease that targets the Pancreas. Can start out as pancreatitis, which can be acute inflammation of the pancreas or the hereditary and even the deadliest chronic pancreatitis. The chronic form can devastate and debilitate the patient this form is at higher risk of pancreatic cancer. The mode of transmission is abnormal cells start to multiply and reproduce and collect creating a tumor or a mast. The detection and treatment of these tumors can be difficult as medical imaging such as x-rays, sonograms and MRI’s don’t always give an adequate depiction of the cancer the best way to see the pancreas is through surgery. There are over 100 kinds of Cancer, the term cancer is used to described a disease in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade other tissues (Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), 2016). Cancer cells do not die out naturally, once the cells start to grow; they metastasize forming new abnormal cells. In many cancer cases the abnormal cells collect and form tumors. They have also been known to grow in other tissues and spread all over the body which is referred to as seeding. Normal cells do not do this. When the DNA is damaged it can cause cancer cells to rapidly reproduce and
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