Causes And Treatments Of Pancreatic Cancer

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This paper will discuss pancreatic cancer, statistics of the disease, different types, treatments, and how your everyday nutrition intake can attract it and vice versa. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth deadliest cancer in the world with very low survival rates depending on what stage you have. Over 95% of patients diagnosed will die from the disease, and most within one year of their diagnosis. There two main types of this disease being exocrine tumors (most commonly called adenocarcinoma) and endocrine tumors. The exocrine pancreas produces pancreatic enzymes necessary for digestion and transfers them into the ducts of the small intestine. The endocrine pancreas holds endocrine cells that are sorted into islets and releases hormones such as insulin into your bloodstream to regulate the use of body fuels such as glucose. Exocrine cancer is the more common of the two. Pancreatic cancer has 4 stages, and depending on which one is diagnosed to an individual there are different treatments and different amounts of chemo and radiation. There are also different treatments for each stage. The Whipple procedure can be used in all stages, but is one of the main treatment options for stage one. The other option for the first stage is a total pancreatectonomy with or without postoperative chemotherapy and radiation (Pancreatic Cancer, p.24). For stages two, three, and four, “treatment options include resection (if feasible), radiation with or without chemotherapy, and palliative biliary
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