Causes And Treatments Of Pancreatic Cancer

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Hailey Luckie
English 1301
23 October 2015
Pancreatic Cancer
Cancer is a number one cause of death in both men and women around the world. Pancreatic cancer holds a survival rate of just 6% of people surviving within five years after being diagnosed, and there is still no definite cure to the deadly diagnosis. A majority of pancreatic cancer patients fight a long, tiring battle that they usually cannot defeat. Although, this cancer may be very deadly there are many early diagnosis procedures and treatments that can be performed to increase the chances of remission. With pancreatic cancer being one of the deadliest, not many people know exactly what this fatal disease consists of. Cancer is the rapid over growth of uncontrollable
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As well as, yellowing of the patients skin, and often face the challenges of being able to digest food. Early symptoms and signs can lead patients into the early process of diagnosis tests, in order to confirm these faint symptoms.
In order to begin the initial diagnosis process, an image of the pancreas, and a blood test is performed. The reasoning behind the blood test and imaging, is to verify the intensity of the cancerous cells, and the allow the doctors to determine how many organs have been affected. The Helix “Spiral” CT Scan, one of the most overall efficient diagnosis tools. According to Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, this scan is used to accurately pinpoint the exact location and nature of the tumor. If the results from this CT scan appear to be inconclusive, then further procedures will be set into place. The Larascopy, mainly used for further examination, would be the next major step to take. A small camera, that displays an image of the pancreas on a T.V like screen, is inserted through a small surgical incision inside the pancreatic wall. This allows easier access for the doctors to take a closer look at the cancer. Lastly, a biopsy would be performed to officially confirm the diagnosis. This procedure involves doctors entering the pancreas, and removing a small area of tissue from inside the infected organ. After the diagnosis has been confirmed, treatment
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