Causes And Treatments Of Pancreatic Cancer

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Hailey Luckie
English 1301
23 October 2015
Pancreatic Cancer
Cancer is a number one cause of death in both men and women around the world. Pancreatic cancer holds a survival rate of just 6% of people surviving within five years after being diagnosed, and there is still no definite cure to the deadly diagnosis. A majority of pancreatic cancer patients fight a long, tiring battle that they usually cannot defeat. Although, this cancer may be very deadly there are many early diagnosis procedures and treatments that can be performed to increase the chances of remission. With pancreatic cancer being one of the deadliest, not many people know exactly what this fatal disease consists of. Cancer is the rapid over growth of uncontrollable cells within the human body. Pancreatic cancer first originates inside the tissues of the pancreas. This organ is located behind the stomach, and is a part of the digestion system. Funk & Wagnall’s New World Encyclopedia states that pancreatic cancer is most commonly found in the part of the pancreas that is in charge of producing digestive juices. This cancer spreads very rapidly, and is extremely rare to detect in the early phases, which is the reason nearly ¾ of the patients who are diagnosed with this condition, do not survive. Although this cancer is known as the “silent cancer”, there are some minor signs and symptoms that can be detected. According to Medical News Today, many times sharp pain is caused in the upper abdomen. This…
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