Causes Behind the American Revolution

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This was basically the time when the thirteen colonies decided to join together to become the United States of America. The major thing that the colonies disagreed was that they were not given any say in the government. They refused the British government to take charge and govern them through the Parliament of Great Britain. There is still disagreement on what the actual cause or the motivating factor behind the American Revolution was. Many people also go on to say that Americans were bound to attain independence and thus were bound to split away from the British. Factors such as violation of personal rights, economic disparity and increased propaganda were the major drivers for this revolution to start. As for inevitability, there were many things that could have stopped this revolution to take place as well.
When we discuss about causes, a lot of them come out as being the factors that lead to the American Revolution. In 1763, the average British person paid around 26 shillings every year. However, a tax payer in Massachusetts gave one shilling per year to the imperial coffers. The British officers however stated that the Americans benefitted from the protection that the British army and the British navy were provided for them. Up until 1765, a new law had come up that stated that everything that is written or printed has to…
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