Causes, Effects and Solution to Boko-Haram and Kidnapping in Nigeria

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You have for long warned about insecurity from the North. Why do you think the army can’t contain it?
As far back as eight to nine years ago, we observed that the institution of the Nigerian army became a target of the intelligentsia behind what we called Boko Haram. They have known that the Nigerian army was the last institution in Nigeria that could practically bind the country. But now, the army seems divided. What I know is that the Nigerian army cannot handle this people because the sophistication with which the sect operates is beyond the training of the Nigerian army.

You argue that the issue is not just Islam. What is it?
I think the African is the best person to know that term. What the Africans discovered is that people will
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The point now is that what amnesty are you giving to people whose modus operandi is to infiltrate your government? They will pretend to take amnesty; they’ll never stop in pursuit of their objectives.

Do you think we need UN intervention force to tackle the crisis?
We can contain this problem by working with other countries without selling Nigerians to foreigners. My emphasis is that there are some countries in the world whose position is that the best way to handle the global problem is to divert it from Afghanistan to Africa. These are thinkers; they may even come to Nigeria and pretend to be helping us. But what they would do is to tackle it in Afghanistan and all the places where all these people are in the entire world and divert the problem to the country of people who are not perceptive.
For 25 years, there was no government in Somalia. Chaos everywhere. Does any country of the world care what is going on in Somalia? If they care so much the situation in Somalia would not last for twenty five years. If we are going to work with the United Nations to solve the problem, we will do so with our eyes wide open, knowing that its objective is not to come and turn Nigeria into a battleground. But we want to make sure that Nigeria is a leading country in Africa with attendant stability, peace, freedom to move around in any part of the country, freedom to pick anything you want and
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