Causes Of American Civil War

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There were many causes to the American Civil War. One Major cause of the Civil War was the Missouri Compromise. This was a cause because people from other states who were eligible to vote voted that missouri would be a slave state even though the people living in missouri wanted it to be a free state(The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 1). The Missouri Compromise incident also caused small battles like Bleeding Kansas(Causes of the Civil 1). One other major cause of the Civil War was the election of President Abraham Lincoln. The north wanted Lincoln to become President but the southern states hated the idea of Lincoln coming into office(The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 1). The south thought that Lincoln would take away their rights…show more content…
Lee. Lee was a confederate general fighting for Virginia(Crawley 1). Lee Didn’t even like slavery, in fact he thought it was un moral(Woodsworth 1). He only fought for his duty to Virginia(Woodworth 1). Lee was born January 19, 1807 in Stratford Hall, VA, and died in 1870 from a heart attack(Crawley 1). The north was scared of Lee, Even though he was outnumbered he won many battles.

There were many battles in the civil war. Some were small and some were devastating. One huge win for the union was the Battle of Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg started in early July of 1863(Battle of Gettysburg 1). The union had over 90,000 me and the confederate had Less than 75,000(Battle of Gettysburg 1). One huge Confederate win was at the battle of

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This battle took place in Fredericksburg, VA, December 1862(Woodworth 1). The union was not prepared. What happened after all of these battles took place?

The united states changed a lot after the war. The union did not really change. The only difference was Lincoln was killed so a new president had to be elected(Reconstruction 1). The south had major changes. Their slaves were taken away and their plantations were burned(Reconstruction 1). Many southerners were left starving so many of them moved to the north(Reconstruction 1). The north also had to rebuild the things the south destroyed but it was more significant in the south(Guelzo 1). The reconstruction period lasted for almost 20 years(Guelzo 1). The civil war was a devastating time for everybody in

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