Causes Of Biodiversity Crisis Essay

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Biodiversity crisis is the conflict arising from the dependency of the living and the non-living things which act as life supporting unit. Mostly is caused by negative effects of the living ecosystem and habitat causing threat, disappearance and the extinction of species within the environment. This is because the species play a key role in ensuring the current and the future generation meets their needs. When the species are threatened, it means its population is declining compared to the previous time it was censured and an action should be taken before it disappears. The disappearance raises worries of extinction, therefore this crisis affects the entire food web. The main causes of biodiversity crisis are: Human-induced activities to the ecosystem Since the agrarian revolution, humans have tried to change the environment for settlement and agriculture to sustain the increasing population. This was further enhanced in the 21st century by the use of machines to change massive lands, excessive use of chemicals and pesticides to control rodents and pests. This resulted in serious destruction of important ecosystems and habitats as well as pollution and killing of small organisms valuable for the environment. This formed the foundation for biodiversity crisis which is characterized by; Land conversion for agriculture and development More ecosystem services have been influenced due to the conversion of land for settlement, agriculture, industrialization and other
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