Causes Of Child Abuse

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There’s a report on child abuse every ten seconds in the United State of America. Child abuse is just not a parent abusing their child for fun. The causes for a parent to abuse their child includes the history of violence in the parents, broken homes, the social isolation of the parents, and finally the social stress on the parents. “About 30% of abused children become abusive parents.” This is the history of violence in the parent's childhood homes. Why parents have the nerve to abuse their child is because they have been abused themselves as a child. That is all the parents know, they weren’t treated with love and care when they were kids. Statics says that how the parent raises their children is how they will raise their own children as adults. Some parents don’t see the abuse they inflict upon their children because in their mind, their actions are normal and acceptable. Being a part of a broken home is equally hard for the parent as the child. The parent’s find it hard to feed themselves and find it worse having to take care of another human being and feed another mouth. When the parents is unemployed, ill with a sickness, have a poor housing conditions, and a larger than average family stress the parent out. They start to let the frustration out on the children, and they start blaming the child for being the causes of their problems. Like James Bowman says “When the family doesn’t have enough money, that stress the parents out.” When the child lives in a broken home

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