Causes Of Civil Wars

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Civil wars arise from many causes, all of which are dominated and resistant to change. In order to suggest possible ways of preventing civil wars before they start, it involves finding conclusions of these causes, which is, impossible. Countries all over the globe have had, or are still facing, long running civil wars. To further explain , civil wars happen within a country or state between organized groups (Freeland, Valerie POLI 220, November 16: Civil Wars). Through class readings and topics discussed in lecture, many causes have been argued for these civil wars. Some of these causes include; greed versus grievance, small arms and democratization. While further analyzing these causes it is found through the research that they are dominant and resistant to change, and that the prevention of these civil wars are impossible. Many reasons for this are due to the youth unemployment and their involvement in gangs, trade amongst nations, greed versus grievance, and armed control. Ideas about these causes were explored to overcome a better explanation of the violence being held. There are many cases as well, when civil wars end peacefully, but due to their fragility they relate back to violence, and possibly to a greater degree. Civil wars are nearly impossible to prevent as the causes for them are unpreventable in many underdeveloped countries. Youth unemployment is an issue that many countries are faced with. Its frustration facilitates mobilization (Freeland, Valerie, POLI

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