Causes Of Climate Change

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The world as we know it today has changed from the state that it was in fifty years ago, is currently changing, and will continue to do so. Human kind is responsible for climate change, and without human intervention, the climate changes yet to come will deeply impact our environment, the lives of the creatures that depend upon the planet Earth for survival, our lives, the lives of children that will occupy the planet. We have a profound duty to the planet, we need to take action now before the time comes that we cannot turn back. The causes of climate change has a sort of “timeline” that can be traced back through time, and I will address a few. One of the first factors contributing to climate change was the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution brought about the heavily increased use of the energy source coal, which when used releases high amounts of carbon dioxide. In fact, the heavy use of coal was considered to be the main factor that contributed to the “Great Smog of London,” which resulted in an estimated 4,000 to 12,000 people dying and more than 100,000 falling ill. The industrial revolution changed many lives, examples of how the industrial revolution changed lives includes the following. It made expansion of the population into farther reaching points of the world much easier. It brought about higher levels of consumption/consumerism, particularly among those who most benefited from the industrial revolution. Another cause of climate change is
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