Causes Of Climate Change

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Climate Change
Climate change is one of the hotly debated topics all over the world. The argument ranges from the causes of climate change to the mechanisms that can be used to control and inhibit further climate change. As such, individuals from around the globe are being encouraged to become more conscious of their environment because it means safeguarding their future. However, there are a collection of individuals, termed as ‘climate deniers,' who argue that climate change is not real. Instead it is a myth that has been passed down for many years. These deniers have gone to great lengths to convince the public and other leaders that global warming is a hoax and the country stands to lose should the government enact measures to control carbon emissions. This paper discusses politics, economic costs, mistrust of scientific data, fear of competition from China, and skewed media reports as the leading causes of climate change denial.
At the onset, climate change is real and to support this notion Balbus et al., indicates that there are numerous scientific measurements and observations, which provide data that is undeniable showing the rise in temperatures, the changing precipitation patterns as well as the changing atmospheric and oceanic circulation systems. On the one hand, the ‘climate deniers' argue that climate change is not real and that the scientific evidence is merely facts but not the truth. When such individuals are asked about it, they tend to say that they do
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