Causes Of Crime Rate

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Crime rate has been fallen since 1980s, especially in developed countries. Many research has been conducted for decades to find out the reasons behind the tumbling trend. Throughout years, many reasons have been given to us. However, there are no single factor suggesting the main cause of falling crime. To a certain extent, I agree government policy is not the main cause. Policies indeed will have an impact on the decreasing crime rate, while there are other reasons also contributed to the descend trend.

There are many reasons due to people commit in crime, like low level of education. Poor family conditions, if people often being neglected by their families and can’t feel love and attention, they may feel they are not being needed and loss of confidence thus commit in misconduct. Moreover, drug and alcohol abuse will also lead to law-breaking as people cannot well control their behaviour. The needs of money for their habits also causing them to become theft. However, there were a dramatic drop in recent year.

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales(CSEW,2013), shows the illegality incident (all crime, acquisitive crime and violent crime) during year 1981 to year 2013. It suggests that for all crime, there were slightly increase from 1981 to 1990 (11000 to 15000), achieved at the peak in year 1995(19000) and generally dropped to 90000 in year 2013. While the violent crime has the lowest crime rate throughout years in an average of 30000; acquisitive crime was
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