Causes Of Death In Delaware County

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In 2014, Medias population consisted of approximately 6000 residents. (Statistics/Taxes) The median age in Media is 37 years old. The population estimates as of July 1, 2015, for Delaware County is 563,894 according to the United States Census Bureau. (Population estimates) In Delaware county 33,755 people under the age of 5, 70,836 are ages 5-14; ages 15-24 includes 82,614, and 69,457 people are between ages 25-34. Ages 35-44 accounts for a total of 67,005 people. The age group of 45-54 is 82,956; there are 72,286 people between ages 55-64. 40,504 people are 67-74 and there are 41,685 people who are 75 and older in Delaware County. (Pennsylvania Department of Health Division of Health) The gender variations for Media consists of 2370 males, which make up 44.4% of the population and 2894 females, which is about 55.6%. Media is made up…show more content…
As for the county, according to the CDC, there were 17,307 deaths in Delaware County. The death rate in this County was 10 per thousand people, compared with 11 per thousand people statewide. The total number of deaths was about 17,207. Cancer caused 4,257 deaths in this county and motor vehicle accidents caused 135 deaths. (Media, PA Health Information) According to the Pennsylvania and County health profiles 2014, the top 5 leading causes of mortality in Delaware County are heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases, and accidents. The breakdown is 4,059 deaths caused by heart disease, 3,798 caused by cancer, 885 caused by strokes, 849 caused by chronic lower respiratory diseases, and 730 deaths caused by accidents. (Pennsylvania Department of Health Division of Health.) In 2012, the total number of deaths in Delaware County was 5,319. The top six morbidities in Media are made up of 3.1% heart attacks, 3.5% strokes, 10.9% cancer and malignancy, 38.9% smoking, 23.1% high blood pressure, and 33.0% obesity. (Media, Pennsylvania.
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