Causes Of Depression And Anxiety Among College Students

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Life in college has seen a rise in students with mental illnesses commonly referred to as depression. The symptoms noted by various researchers have brought about different theories relating to the causes and the solutions. Though different reasons or problems leading to depression are observed, the solutions all are similar in their dedication to helping the students in their daily lives,.The easy-to-do solutions are meant to help them; a step at a time.
To be discussed are the reports and research journal articles;
• Depression and Anxiety Among College Students by Margarita Tartakovsky
• Depression and College Students by Michael Kerr
Family Function and Depression, Anxiety, and Somatization among College Students by Mohammad Ghamari
The above-listed documents differ in opinion pertaining the effects, psychological symptoms and the results. The causes, however, form part of the more significant debate.
Margarita, in her report, faults the change in environment as being the leading cause of depression. The new environment, friends, expectations, culture are the stressors. She goes further to state, “When students can’t manage these firsts, they’re more likely to struggle.” (Tartakovsky 1) This sentence provides a window into her point of direction in the cause of depression. The lack familiarity leads to loneliness. The pressure from parents, students, and teachers for the students to perform well academically despite the unfamiliar grounds bring about feelings of
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