Causes Of Depression In Teenagers

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Aastha Bhandari Prof Grubaugh Psychology Oct 10, 2017 Depression in teenagers and stigma Depression is one of the most common psychological problems that most of the teenagers go through in their life span. 3 out of 4 teenagers are the victim of the depression. Unrealistic education pressure, family and social expectation can lead to deep disappointment that eventually leads to the depression. Depression can interfere with normal functioning and frequently causes problems with work, academic grades, personal and family relationship. People who are depressed are less likely to talk about their problems and their feelings .It is not like any other medical problem where there is really a symptom like diabetes or headache and strangely when it comes to mind and brain people feel that it is in your own control and there is nothing you have to do about it .There is little bit of stigma attached to depression that one should not talk about depression. The person who is depressed is fundamentally flawed or weak. The stigma of mental illness can cause serious problems and health goal .Self stigma can help to lose confidence that will affect the people’s efficiency in work. Student usually starts to lose grades. Diminished belief in personal effectiveness has been shown to be associated with failures in the pursuit of work and other independent living goals (Ru sch et al., 2006).Depressed people don’t feel free to
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