Causes Of Divorce

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Divorce Divorce has become a trending topic around the world because of many cases of divorce. If the current trend continues, at least 50 percent of marriages are going to end in divorce. Divorce is a legal right that terminates a marriage and the legal rights and obligations between married couples. Divorce has become a common phenomenon across the globe. There are several causes that can lead to a divorce as well as a lot of effects resulting from the divorce.
There are many causes of parents divorce since marriages do not end for the same reason. One of the causes of divorce is infidelity. Marital infidelity is said to be the most common reason for divorce. Infidelity causes a serious and irreparable harm to the spouse which ultimately leads to a divorce. There are many cases of infidelities amongst married couples which turns into a blasting fuse of war that later on leads to a divorce. When a husband or a wife indulges in an extra marital affair, it becomes a big blow to any marriage and as always, the harm is irreparable, therefore, the marriage ends in a divorce. Infidelity in a marriage is a clear symbol that, there is a
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The biggest effect of divorce is on children if the couple has children. Children turn out to be the most affected when their parents divorce because, they will not be able to experience parents love and guidance from both parents. Many kids who live with a single parent because of a divorce will always end up indulging in devious behaviors due to lack of parental guidance from both parents. Children are affected in their studying, their normal life, and even their self –esteem when their parents are divorced, and some even end up dropping out of school. Children from divorced parents are psychologically affected, and parents should not only think of their own feelings, but also put their children’s’ interests at

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