Causes Of Early Jamestown

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Jamestown is now known as the very first permanent English settlement in the New World. However, from 1607-1610, early Jamestown constantly hovered right above the line of failure from reasons both outside the settlement and within its borders. Three main reasons the Jamestown colonists died were because of their lack of preparation, poor relations with the Native Americans, and the location of their settlement. Many Jamestown colonists died because of their lack of preparation. According to the information video, a group of English investors called the Virginia Company paid for this voyage to Jamestown in return for reaping some of the riches collected by the colonists. This idea was widely influenced by the Spanish becoming extremely rich from their successful trip to the New World. In addition, Document A states, that “ahead lay possible riches” for the English men to find. The Englishmen originally did not plan to stay in Jamestown; the reason for sailing to Jamestown was to find gold quickly and return to England to hopefully become as rich as the Spanish. Furthermore, Document C notes that, out of the first supply of men, 43% of the men were gentlemen, who are people defined as a being of wealth not used to working with his hands. In comparison, only about 11% of the original settlers were laborers. This proves that the majority of men lacked actual skill for finding any gold at all, and that there was no way the crew was prepared for this voyage. In addition,
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