Causes Of Earth Pollution

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The end of the world is coming. For centuries, the planet earth has always been enduring large quantity of pollution from humanity that the planet’s lifespan is being exponentially reduced before it’s expected death. The earth’s demolition may be mainly caused by air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution, therefore, leads to the destruction of all life on earth. first and foremost, the number one killer of planet earth and its inhabitants is air pollution caused by multiple sources that in the end have a common effect; contaminated air that devastates the living condition of all organism. The first source is the excessive burning of fossil fuels that release huge amount of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles, chimneys, and many other man-made machines. These dangerous gasses mixed with perilous chemicals are polluting the environments in such a way that makes the air toxics for inhalation and therefore can reduce lung functioning, increase the risk of respiratory disease, and will result in premature deaths. For example, the Meuse Valley fog of 1930, Meuse Valley was one of the most industrialized areas of continental Europe because of this fact there was a period of time in the year 1930 that this area was covered in thick fog, therefore, the people of the town in this area were greatly affected, it started with them showing severe respiratory symptoms but then in the following 3 days, as a result, more than 60 people died. As illustrated in
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