Causes Of Environmental Issues

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As many people know, many issues are going around the world. People are living with along environmental issue, social issue, personal issue, and more. Each issue can be important for a person while can be unnecessary to the others. Also, some people try to solve those issues while the others do not care. However, the global issues around the world are the most serious and concerning problems. According to Globe scan, 64% out of 25,000 people said environmental issue is the most serious problem. Like other issues, environmental issue is a growing problem around the whole world. Some people know and say that humans have to save the Earth, but how many of them actually keep those rules to save it? For that reason, environmental issue is an…show more content…
There was a pie graph from EIA about the United States greenhouse gas emissions in 2009. It showed 81.5% of carbon dioxide is responsible. Also, the responsibility of methane was 11.1%, nitrous oxide was 3.3%, high-GWP gases were 2.7, and other carbon dioxide was 1.3%. As the graph showed, carbon dioxide takes the biggest part for causing global warming because it is emitted by fossil fuels which are used for people’s daily lives. The cars are the best example of emitting carbon dioxide. When gasoline is burned, carbon dioxide is emitted to the air. Not only the cars, but also factories, electricity production and other transportations are responsible for emitting carbon dioxide. Those are made and built by human beings, and the number one causation of global warming. Also, deforestation is another factor that causes carbon dioxide. Usually, people know that trees are emitting oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. However, when trees die and decay the mass of carbon dioxide that were saved in the tress is released. Because people cut and burn the trees now, the more carbon dioxide is released than before. Once forests are disappears, there will be mass of carbon dioxide in the Earth by killing trees, and will be no source that turn this gas into oxygen. Methane is another synthetic gas that is responsible for global warming. It is a gas that more powerful and active than carbon dioxide, and the second biggest causation of global
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