Causes Of False Confessions

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This paper is to examine and identify the risk factors and reasons of false confessions and how social reform can mitigate innocent individuals from being wrongfully convicted and incarcerated. There are many reasons we will see that contribute to false confessions. Many people think there is no way they would ever confess to something they did not do, especially if it is a serious crime. When in fact this occurs all the time and has been happening for hundreds of years.
The results of a study show that nearly 3000 students or 14% reported to having been interrogated at a police station. Of those students 58.2 % reported they had been interrogated only once, 19.6 % twice 13.7 % three to five times and 8.5 % six or more times. The study showed that males were significantly more likely to report having ever been interrogated compared to females. Of all the students that were interrogated 14.7 % reported to having made a false confession. 60.8 % made only 1 false confession, 18.9% made two false confessions, 9.2 % made three to five false confessions and 11.1 % reported six or more times. Males were significantly more likely to report making a false confession over females. Also, the individuals in the younger group were more likely to report making a false confession over the older group. The risk predictors of police interrogation and false confessions show the strongest predictors were ADHD symptoms combined with the younger classification.
This study shows for the
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