Causes Of Global Warming : Cause And Mitigation

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Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation

Natural versus anthropogenic climate changes: Climate and atmospheric changes on earth occur because of natural resources or human activities. Both effects are closely linked because what humans do on earth effects the environment and surrounding return in back to glacial potions, seas, mountain sides and deserts which might turn back to our climate in form of volcanic changes, temperature of our surroundings, snowfalls and heavy or less rainfalls [USGS (2014)]. Natural resources to changing climate include volcanic eruption, rainfalls, snowfalls which would result in the form of changing heat balance of earth termed as global warming. Another reason of change in temperature and heat balance on earth is human activities in industrial areas erupting chemical gasses and waste materials. These human activities affect percentages of carbon dioxide, Nitrogen gasses and Oxygen which is prime portion in formation of first layer circling earth called atmosphere. Human and climatic activities directly affect atmospheric temperatures and global warming [USGS (2014)].
Global Warming:
Global Warming is overall increase in temperature of planet earth due to emissions of green house gasses like carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Human activities like fuel burning in industries and automobiles, burning down the forests and human waste release sufficient amount of greenhouse gasses in atmospheric layer of earth. Atmosphere consists of carbon
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