Causes Of Happiness And Happiness

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In this world all creature have the desire, wishes, and everyone want to be the happy happier and the most happiest in the world as they can do , no one is ready to stuck in the difficult life , no one wants to suffer , everyone in pursuit in the happiness but they do not know that happiness come from the sadness . All people have one common desire to be the happy, they just want to be happy. It doesn’t matter where we are from, what we are rich or poor, what our tradition and what is our background or religion – there is no any particular condition to get the happiness – so we all have to get happiness our goal is not different. We should embracedeeply, the common ground we share, and try to respect each other and have the patience with one another, we all are here to learn from one another and we are doing so, we are the source to help one another to grow together. Everyone is the important and have different qualities.
Although we all like the happiness and
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We should expand our concern for the happiness of all living beings. Wishing and working for Others’ happiness is called “love.”. Without love everything becomes dry. Love makes everything rich, lush, and vital. It’s like a protein that makes a moreNutritious life.
We depend on others for everything we have—their cooperation and support makes everything possible for us. We’re here for all living beings and we have a responsibility to love everyone.

The second cause of happiness is compassion, which is the outreaching expression of our love. Compassion is the wish and activity to help relieve the suffering of others. When someone we love is in trouble, we naturally feel compassion and want to help. Genuine compassion connects to others in their current situation. We stand with them and share their experience, their thoughts, and their
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