Causes Of Hate

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What is hate? Hate is emotional or passionate of make someone to dislike another person without cause or reason. But, sometimes they is a reason of hate. There are many reason of hate, could be anger, heart broken, painful experience about past, envy, or jealous. But common reason people feel hate toward someone, because the feel intimidate with person, or they want attention for some reason. Other people feel some people don't deserve good things. Other people feel they can't get over about the past. According to “Intelligence project” I read and summarize three stories. Two stories is about hate and extremism, and the second one stories due to immigrant justice. The first stories “WHITE SUPREMACISTS THINK THEIR MAN WON THE WHITE HOUSE” November 10, 2016 by Richard Cohen. W hen people watched Hillary Clinton give a gracious concession…show more content…
A forth coming two year study by the SPLC will show that nearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by active users on another prominent racist websites, storm Thirdly, stories “DIGNITY FOR DETAINED IMMIGRANTS ACT URGENTLY NEEDED FOR HUMANE TREATMENT OF DETAINEES.” October 03,2017 by Dan Werner. Immigrants in detention centers have not been charged with criminal offenses but they are treated like criminals. Too often, grands use excessive force against detainees and abusively place them into solitary confinement. This goes against any understanding of human dignity. They started the southeast immigrant freedom initiative (SIFI) in order to providing legal representation to immigrants who have been detained. We need to make a fundamental change in the way we treat undocumented immigrants reforms should include ending privately run detention centers, introducing basic standards of humane treatment and accountability for violation. This will maintain the dignity for detained immigrants act. I hope congress should pass
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