Causes Of Hitler's Rise To Power

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The rise of Adolf Hitler to power was not caused by one specific reason that someone can point out instead it consisted of multiple reasons that were compiled together to create the foundation for his ascent to power. During the early twentieth century after the German defeat in World War I the citizens of Germany were going through an extremely difficult times. The humiliating loss to the allies in World War I, the great depression that hit the economy hard putting many people out of work, the dysfunction of the German government that called for a revolution, the treaty of versaille, and the death of President Paul von Hindenburg. With all the that turmoil going on the citizens of Germany were desperately looking for a savior and this made…show more content…
This was the drawing up of the Treaty of Versailles.” The Treaty of Versaille put hand cuffs around the German government by taking away the overseas colonies that they once owned and distributed them between the allied nations. The loss of the oversea German colonies cut down Germany’s population ,living space ,and economical production. The Treaty also limited the German military to 100,000 and banned the use of armored vehicles to eliminate the opportunity for German aggression. Along with what has been taken away from Germany they were forced to pay reparations to the allies. The frustration that was caused by the Treaty of versaille opened the door for Hitler and the Nazi party to establish themselves as a saviors to the German people by promising them German honor and economic success said by Adolf Hitler himself “Freedom and bread.” Before the rise of Adolf Hitler to power there was the devastating Great Depression that affected a large amount of families across Germany. Like most hard times the struggles of the depression caused the people to want change a new form of leadership that would lift the nation out of the hard times. Written in J.S Conway’s personal journal “ It was these economic causes rather than the inapplicability of their ideas which liberals believed was the basic cause of the seduction of Germans away from democracy.” The German people were sick of the Weimar Republic and
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