Causes Of Hurricane Matthew

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Disasters rip through communities, states, and regions daily. At some point the effects of a natural disaster will directly or indirectly affect every living person. The positive or negative outcomes of a disaster reflects strongly on the ability of the local people responding to the disastrous even. The purpose of this paper is to explore the natural disaster of Hurricane Matthew including information about the type of disaster, characteristics of the disaster, and an in-depth look into disaster management stages. Current Natural or Man-Made Disaster On the eve of October 7th, 2016, a powerful and mass destructive hurricane made landfall on the southern coast of Florida. Making history, the hurricane continued to move up the southeastern…show more content…
Natural disasters occur due to several factors involving climate conditions, global warming, and seasonal effects. Primarily unique, natural disasters will never be prevented. Storm surges such as hurricanes will always remain. The only way to alter natural disasters are through human resources. Uniquely, hurricanes can be predicted days in advance, therefore unlike other disasters, community members often can plan before the hurricane makes landfall. Hurricane affects can be widespread and include multiple disaster possibilities. Tidal waves, flooding, storm surges, high winds, and debris are all parts of this type of disaster…show more content…
This measure considers the potential risks of a disaster event and the potential disaster effects. Demographic and vulnerability of the area are considered along with the community’s capability to respond, react, and rebound after a disaster. Natural disasters such as hurricanes are not obviously not preventable but the effects can be predicted. Regional areas such as coastal towns can expect to experience a hurricane disaster event with high winds, flooding, and break in power services while inland communities may feel the hurricane effects such as the storms backlash including flooding and poor weather
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