Causes Of Imperialism In The 19th Century

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Imperialism There is an impressive change by the 19th century by the domination of one country over another group of people, Imperialism.
Imperialism is most of the times also refers as Colonialism, however it have different meanings, first, Imperialism is the control of the political and economic, formally or informally and Colonialism its means the control of one nation over another one. Moreover, on one hand, Colonialism its the conquer of a country and the exploration of resources of its country, and on the other hand Imperialism is the creation of one empire and the expansion. While Colonialism means to describe the settlement of places such as India, Australia, Algeria, Brazil… controlled by the Europeans, Imperialism means when a foreign government governs a territory with no settlement, for example, in the dominations of the 19th century. The Age of New Imperialism started in the 1870’s to 1914, however before this there was a called Old Imperialism, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century, by this years European countries were trying to explore the New World. They have gained territories in the coast of China and Asia, and stablished settlements in South Africa, India,
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First, Religious, during this time of expansion, sometimes they want to have more members in their empire. For example in Europe, the Christians establishing their religion to all the countries that they were conquering, and also by this ay they can expand their culture. Then, they spread they language , with the help of education. And in the case of British missionaries abolish the slavery.
Then, the exploration of the New World, find places that they don’t know about, for the sense of adventure. But also, they do this in many cases for the medical and scientific
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