Causes Of Imperialism In Ww1

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WWI imperialism
“Nineteenth century liberals believed that if European states were organized along national lines, these states would work together and create a peaceful Europe. They were wrong.” (Textbook WWI) In 1914, European leaders thought a balance of powers would be a good chance for the European countries, so no one country could overpower another. Germany was not ok with that change, and formed a alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungry, this alliance was called the Triple Alliance. In response, Russia, Great Britain, and France formed what was called the Triple Entente. A Serbian group called the Black Hand also was important during this time. They assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, and soon after the war started. In 1914, imperialism is one of the main underlying causes of WWI because of the Triple Alliance/ Triple Entente, strengthening military forces, and the population of the countries.
In 1914, imperialism was a main underlying cause of WWI because of the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. “The tension between countries was matched by tension within countries. Especially in southeastern Europe, in the area known as a Balkans, the spirit of nationalism and independence ran high. Some ethnic groups revolted. The region was a powder keg. All that it lacked was a spark to set it off.”( Underlying cause of WWI 307) This is important and supports imperialism because of the war, they acquired colonies abroad in order to gain advantage over
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