Causes Of Income Inequality In South Africa

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Imagine you were born in a South African family, with a mother that is infected with HIV/AIDs, with siblings that do not have a proper education, and with a father that cannot provide for his family because of his unemployment. HIV/AIDs, lack of education, and income inequality due to unemployment and a weak social safety net are three major issues in South Africa that need to be addressed. By solving one of these issues, specifically income inequality, the solution will cause a ripple effect among the other two major issues. This “ripple effect” would be beneficial to the other issues because both of the other issues also pertain to money. In South Africa, there are three major issues: HIV/AIDS, lack of education, and income inequality, which can be solved by strengthening the social safety net by investing workforce development programs and self-employment.
South Africa, with the population of 54,841,552 people, is located at the bottom tip of the continent of Africa. To put this in perspective, it is slightly less than twice the size of Texas (“World”). A famous landform where tourists go to take a hike and enjoy the view is Table Mountain, a flat-topped mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town (“Table”). The climate is mostly semi arid but is subtropical along the eastern coast with sunny days and cool nights. About 80% of all the land in South Africa is used for agriculture. Three of the most common religions in South Africa is Protestant, Christian and Catholic.
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