Causes Of Institutional Racism

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Teirrah Dumas-Shell
Professor Claudia Moreno
Social Movements & Social Justice
October 9, 2017
Critical Thinking Assignment #2
Chapter #4:
1) Racism can be manifested in many forms, including poverty, housing problems, underemployment, unemployment, wage differences, lowered educational opportunities, high crime rates, and welfare dependency. What are the causes of racism. Describe the primary cause of individual and institutional racism. How are these factors dealt with by society? It has become common to live in an environment where people think white people are superior to people of color, or that there is only privilege for whites. Other factors that are causes to racism are, peer pressure, upbringing, stereotypes, personal experiences, and unfamiliarity. Many of these examples occur when we live a system that is constructed in a way that supports these beliefs. As far as institutional and individual racism, there is demographic data that explains the division society along the lines of white and people of color (Pearson, 53). In todays society we see many people being discriminated due to these factors, leading to poverty, poverty programs, and income maintenance (Pearson, 88). It is vey common in our society to be structured to follow institutional racism. Without personally having power or being culturally aware that they have power or that they are in a situation of privilege. The result in today society based on racism in America, most Americans naturally
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