Causes Of Lack Of Discipline In High Schools

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Lack of Discipline in American High Schools American high schools all around the nation, for many years, have had a discipline issue. The cause of the issue has not been found, but many people have come up with ideas for the cause of the problem. There are many books,novels,and articles about the subject, many talk about simple solutions and what they think the cause of the problem is. Some of the most popular suggestions include things that have to do with the household of the child. Another is the way the child or teenager was raised and how their parents act. One of the other ones is that teenagers are on drugs. There is a discipline issue in American high schools and we need to do something about it. If we do not it will get very out of hand and it will not be good. It will get so far out of hand that we will not be able to control it. Many people will argue that it is not that big of a problem, and other people will say that it is a huge problem. I think it is a big problem. High schools have always had a discipline problem but it has never been this bad and it needs to stop. The first thing that I would like to bring up is the kind of household that the teenager lives in. A big part of how a teenager acts is the kind of house and the kind of family he comes from. Parents have a big influence on their child whether the parents have a good attitude or not. When children are young they don’t know right from wrong. So whether or not the
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