Causes Of Lack Of Team Management In Mechanical Engineering Students

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Lack of Team Management in Mechanical Engineering Students Introduction Team management is an important aspect which must be followed by one of the team member or all team memebers when they are working within a team. Team manement allowes individuals to work within a team in a way that all the team members are putting equal amount of efforts in making it possible that team’s assigned goals are achieved. Mechanical engineers are assigned to work within team mostly because they are supposed to work on large projects which requires teams to work together. Sometimes, the team members are not interested in working causes a lack of team management. Also, sometimes no individual takes responsibility of managing the team which leads to lack of productivity and lack of efficiency in the work. Lack of team management leads to unsuccessful team work, less productivity and more stress. Discussion Background Team management is a term which refers to the management of a team which is working on a project assigned to them. It is reffered to the various activities which are followed by an individual or all team members to bring all the team members together and work together so that achievement of the set goals become easier. For the mechanical engineering students, team management is significant in a way that they must set a priorty leaving everything on the back seat because their projects are based on teams mainly and if there is no management, it is possible that they would not be

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