Causes Of Low Morale In The Workplace

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The Causes of Low Morale and How It Can Affect an Organization. Morale in the workplace is an important part of any business. Many businesses recognize that when morale is low many issues will ensue. Low morale in the workplace can cause many problems that affect employees and their ability to get their job done. For this reason, companies often create programs to avoid low morale, but are not always successful. Low morale can happen in any business setting. Whether it be in a law firm or a grocery store, low morale can be damaging to a business by causing discontented employees, which can lead to poor productivity, absenteeism and even high turnover. The causes of low morale differ from organization to organization but the outcome generally follows the same trend. Low morale causes undue stress among employees and management, which will ultimately affect the company and that’s something that no business wants. Main Causes of Low Morale There are several different reasons why morale is lowered in a workplace. Employee morale is one of the most important parts of company’s culture. Although morale is an important part of a company’s culture, it can be difficult to manage. (Lupfer, 2017) According to Elisabeth Lupfer, “Most managers believe the leading reason employees leave is for more money.” Although management feels this way, there are many other factors that are involved when it comes to low morale. There are many ways an employee can be brought down by management.
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