Causes Of Malaria In Africa

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1. Why is malaria becoming more prevalent in Nairobi and in the Amazonian Indian villages? (4 points) Malaria is becoming more prevalent in Nairobi and Indian villages in the Amazon because the of the human changes to ecosystems. In Kenya, malaria is spreading from the countryside to its major cities from citizens making the move from rural to urban areas. This is occurring because rural areas are becoming more polluted and less profitable for its inhabitants. These people moving from rural areas bring with them malaria carrying mosquitos to the shanty towns that surround the city. These shanty towns contain many gardens that provide the perfect breeding ground for the infected mosquitos. The introduction of these mosquitos into cities like Nairobi has drastically increased malaria prevalence in Africa. In South America, the spread of malaria has been linked to the rapid deforestation that is occurring in the Amazon. Scientist have studied water samples throughout the malaria hot zones and have found mosquito larvae only in waters that are located in deforested area. The shift in the ecosystem from rainforest to clear cut cow pasture has allowed for better breeding condition for mosquitos. These conditions in deforested areas have caused a massive up rise in the number of malaria cases in the region. 2. What is the cause of diseases like diarrhea and cholera? What can people do to reduce water-borne diseases? (4 points) The main cause of the diseases of

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