Causes Of Marlee Matlin

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Marlee Matlin
"I've gotten hundreds of letters each week about how much they appreciate that I've opened the eyes of hearing people that deaf people can do anything except hear," said Marlee Matlin. Being deaf does not mean people can not hear anything at all, sometimes they can still hear but there still labeled deaf ( ed).
People can be deaf from many different causes one of them is they are just born with it ninety percent of deaf children are born with hearing parents. Another cause is noise, if they work in a very loud factory or building, they have a more likely chance of going deaf than a person who does not work with loud noises. People have a ten percent chance of having a child with hearing loss or deafness. Hearing loss can also come from an ear anatomy, an ear disorder, or certain diseases (“Facts”).
Deaf people are often labeled incorrectly. If they are born and lose most of their hearing, they are hard of hearing (ASL). Marlee Matlin could hear when she was born but when she was eighteen months old she lost one hundred percent of her hearing in her right ear and then later destroyed all hearing in her left hear making her legally deaf ( ed.). Deaf culture has its own language, stories, and many other things. Being deaf does not stop People from being an everyday person a lot of the time. Deaf people can be very direct about where they live how much they get payed and how they are doing financially (ASL). Deaf culture has their

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