Causes Of Natural Disasters

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Among many natural disasters in this world, there are three natural things that are responsible for natural disasters. These three are earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanos. We humans call them Natural “Disasters” because they could destroy all of us or all our homes and important things we need to survive. Without humans, they would only be called natural events because they would not have anything to destroy. Starting with the earthquakes, they have the potential to cause harm and injury, cost loved ones and other people their lives. Earthquakes also have the potential to weaken the foundation of buildings, roads, and bridges and cause them to collapse. During an earthquake, some buildings even collapse imminently, after that the…show more content…
There were eruptions that were similar to the ones mentioned that had the potential to cause huge destruction and even more deaths of humans.
Earthquakes are monitored by seismometers. There are 3 websites that record and report these earthquakes by the United States Geographical Survey's Earthquake Hazards Program. One of the website that I use was “USGS.GOV/ Yellowstone and earthquakes and volcanoes”
I found that these websites apply earth science collections that are needed for land-use planning or emergency preparation choices. Sadly, these websites do not predict the earthquakes.
Next, the volcano hazards program of the United States Geographical Survey's Volcano Hazards program helps scientists understand volcanic process and also to decrease the harmful outcomes of the volcanic activity. The program watches active or volcanos that have the potential to be active, it asses their toxic hazards, it answers to volcanic catastrophes, and lastly, it conducts it research on how the volcanoes work. This website focuses on making sure we get warnings of potential volcanic hazards. The website that was used was, . This gives us a peek at actual active volcanoes in Japan and shows the volcanoes in Japan that are dormant.
For tsunamis, the websites that give the up to date information are:
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