Causes Of Operation Rolling Thunder

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March 2nd, 1965 – November 1st, 1968, was the time that an aerial bombardment was unleashed upon North Vietnam. The American bombing campaign was code named, "Operation Rolling Thunder." During this time over 7 million tons of bombs were dropped in Vietnam. These air strikes that lasted for little over 3 years has caused over 90,000 casualties with at least 72,000 being civilians of Vietnam. And due to operational circumstances, over 900 U.S aircrafts were lost and 745 crewmen were shot down.

There was a huge cost following "Operation Rolling Thunder", with an estimated $300 million of physical damage dealt in Vietnam. The cost to the U.S estimating at $900 million. Originally the cost shouldn’t have been that high, because the attacks were supposed to last only 8 weeks, but ended up lasting 3 years. The main objective of "Operation Rolling Thunder", was to demoralize the North Vietnam people and to undermine the capacity of the government. Although the cost was effective, the attacks weren't, as the Vietnamese came up with an effective defense for the bombing raids, with assistance from China and The Soviet Union. By using surface-to-air missiles and radar-controlled anti-aircraft artillery, the Vietnamese were able to shoot down American planes over the course of the bombing campaigns. Thus, leading to a stalemate, where Vietnam was damaged, but so was the U.S.

The "Operation Rolling Thunder" campaign expanded little by little in range and extremity. In the beginning,

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