Causes Of Planned Obsolescence

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The cause is planned obsolescence that is what causes all of this, the main company makes products that don’t last and every year they force you to buy a new product because the old product that you have brought is not working anymore so they force you buy a new product because buying a new product is cheaper than repairing the product.
The issue is planned obsolescence and a society that wants the latest and greatest, if it is old I have use for it anymore and we need to get the latest version. Planned Obsolescence, planned obsolescence is a method of designing products that wear out because the model is out dated and the products has an expiry date basically that can be used up to and cannot be used later than that because it is built into product and it cannot be taken out the product. The computers are out dated and the school doesn’t need it anymore but they dispose of it probably not just thrown it away, maybe something wanted the computers. At home the printer has a microchip in it that when it is pass it expiry date then you need a new one and because it is a microchip people don’t think of take out the chip because they don’t know about it plus it is easier to buy a new printer than to repair the printer. They make you product not work properly because they want you to spend money on repairing the product and they
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(, 2017) That is the definition of e-waste and the way they dispose of the electronic waste is by shredding it into small pieces and ready to be recycled, strong magnets are used to ferrous metals like steel, non-magnetic metals are separated. All the materials are put in their parts each raw material is sent to be made into new, example zinc which is used in mobile phone can be used in shipbuilding or Gold found in games consoles can be made into
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