Causes Of Police Brutality And Violence

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With all the war, police brutality, and violence in today’s world it is extremely easy to see why some people believe that humans are naturally violent. Pair that up with the fact that some of us like violent sports and video games like the National Football League (NFL), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and Call of Duty (COD), you have an airtight case that we humans are naturally violent. However, through all this, I believe that us humans are not naturally violent.

I believe that humans are not naturally violent because of the different levels of violence and causes of violence between people. If you were to look in a dictionary such as Merriam- Webster, you would see the definition of violence you’ll see “the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.” (XXXXX). Violence isn’t like a bone in the body that everyone has, like the femur, nor is it a single gene in our body. Instead it is “a suite of behaviors that has a dynamic and complicated range of expression.” (XXXXXX). Scientists have also noticed a difference in the level of violence. This ranges from the violence people use to defend themselves from attackers to the violence that people use when planning an attack on someone, to the violence you use when someone attacks the ones you love.

Even with this evidence, people might still argue that people who fight for sport, like UFC fighters, or boxers, are naturally violent. However, the exact opposite is true. People who are successful
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