Causes Of Poor People In Poverty

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Concern for the health among people in poverty has been a serious issue in a global context. It is generally believed that poor people do not pay attention to their health problems which are mainly caused by themselves. Such understanding brings a range of issues. For instance, it is possible that some donators might think poor people create the health issues by themselves, so they should be responsible for themselves, and there is no need to provide material and finial supports, which causes problems for poor people who do really need helps. Therefore, the intention of this paper is to dispel the misunderstanding of the causes of poor people’s health problems.

It is no doubt that there are a great number of poor people who bring the health problems by themselves. According to Neufeld, Peters, Rani, Bonu and Brooner (2005), in India, there are nearly 20% of poor people have the regular habit of chewing the tobacco, while there are only 8% of high income population have such habit. As Neufeld (Neufeld et al., 2005) illustrates, there is a link between the use of tobacco and the social economic status. Specifically, people who are uneducated, disadvantaged and in low income population are the people who regularly use the tobacco. Similarly, Khan, Murray and Barnes (2002) claims that poverty also could lead to alcohol abuse. Because of poverty, it is very easy for poor people to feel hopeless and stressful. While drinking alcohol is an efficient and immediate way to neglect
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