Causes Of Poor Performance Of India

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Causes of poor performance of INDIA in Olympics
In terms of population size and medals won, there is no worse Olympic performer than India. It seems strange that a country of more than 1.2 billion people can only collect an average of less than one medal per Games. Beijing 2008 was India’s most successful Olympics to date; it finished with one Gold and two Bronze medals.

It would be untrue to say that India does not produce good sportsmen and women: in cricket, the country’s passionate obsession, it has in Sachin Tendulkar one of the sport’s greatest ever players. The Indian cricket team holds the world one-day title and was until recently the Number 1 Test team in the world. The Indian men’s field hockey team won six consecutive Olympic Golds in the mid-20th century (field hockey accounts for more than half of India’s historical total of 20 Olympic medals).

There is no doubt that India has sporting talent, so why does it fail to translate this into Olympic success?

There have been some academic studies that suggest the total population of a country is irrelevant when it comes to Olympic medal tallies, but that rather what counts is the part of a population that participates effectively in sports. Low medal tallies can arise both because a country has very few people and because very few of its people effectively participate.”
There are certain factors that limit effective participation. Those factors, are health, education, public information and what they call…
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