Causes Of Population Growth And Poverty

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Population growth causes poverty

1.0 Introduction

There are many people that have argued that the real cause of poverty is population growth, directly means overpopulation, which has been the biggest issue in south Asia. This phenomenon’s has been becoming more repeatedly and so often over years, create a meaningful common wisdom. Apparently, it has been concluded by scholars and well-educated people from the argument of government official for the inability to reduce poverty.
Though there are number of problems and criticisms on this simple proposition. It was argued that population is not the only very useful and appropriate measure for itself, because it fails to account the size of the land the population resides. Some countries have a very large area of land compare to another country with small area of land (Belgium and Singapore respectively). Therefore there are fit indicators to measure the validation of comparison known as population density (population per unit of land area).

The nature of poverty and strategies for its alleviation or elimination has been made; poverty may not be adequately defined because it is multifaceted phenomenon. One has to experience it personally. It is not only an expression of life condition also a state of mind perception of self in the complex web of social relation. The economist tends to view poverty, as a distance on a continuum towards zero purchasing power while it polar opposite affluence is a distance on the same continuum
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