Causes Of Poverty And Hunger

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The world is full of hungry people from all nations around the globe. To consider the issue of insufficient food, it is very challenging to put an end to poverty and hunger while also maintaining food security when the world is unbalanced. There are unfair treatments between adults and children, and also men and women, which does not follow the law of human rights. Higher authorities also do not put as much effort as they possibly can to help put an end to this sufferance. Therefore, is there a way to eradicate poverty and hunger? Based on cause and effect, there surely is a route to develop improvements for this issue. The cause of poverty and hunger results from markets and government that do not provide people with sufficient quality food. For example, the constitutions in Latin America made food access as a legal enforce, however, on the other hand, the international system which includes the UN, have not yet met these goals. Rather than shortages, poverty and inequity are what causes food insecurity and malnutrition. In addition, the statistics from FAO confirms that the world has enough food to feed people, and even if there are a 70% population increase, 17% more calories per person are produced by global agriculture. Though, when about 2 billion people make less than $2 a day, the problem is not whether they are enough food source, but it is whether the people can afford it or not. Furthermore, another reason for poverty could be climate change. The groups that are

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