Causes Of Poverty In America

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Over the past years poverty has become more common in America, affecting millions of Americans. There are two types of poverty: absolute poverty and relative poverty. According to Merriam-Webster (2017), Absolute poverty is not having any basic human needs to survive, in the other hand, relative poverty is not having enough money or resources like others in society do. Poverty is caused by lack of money, jobs, and education.
First of all, money is a big factor of poverty. Children that grow up in a poor family are most likely to become poor as well. Not having enough money can cause people not to do as much things as others with money can do. Not having money causes lack of food, health, and shelter. Growing up in poverty can cause people to not have enough resources to get an education. A common situation in America is homelessness due to the lack of money people cannot afford a home, so they have to turn to the streets. People usually beg for money on the streets just to get by for a couple of days since they do not have any money. Divorce can also cause poverty because if a couple separates that means less income coming home due to their separation. If a family cannot get used to the change in their family it can lead to poverty. Usually one parent stays with the children and the other parent does not help. This can cause the parent with the children to not be financially stable. If people cannot pay for a doctor visit they put their health in risk. Without money you
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