Causes Of Poverty In Canada

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Summary of the Social Problem
The social policy that I will be addressing is Ontario Works. This policy addresses unemployment and poverty in Ontario. I selected this policy because poverty is a social epidemic in Canada. Unfortunately, streets everywhere, especially in large cities are littered with individuals trying to survive. While this is shocking to see, it is even more shocking to discover how many individuals are quietly living in poverty. Currently, resources are being stretched far beyond capacity to assist individuals. Additionally, poverty is manifested in the lack of education, limited access to resources, hunger. Unfortunately, poverty is often misunderstood and this has been a cause of willful neglect and confusion in respected to government interventions. Thus, government and policy makers and politicians rarely consider the reasons of poverty, rather they address a quick solution that will temporarily benefit the individual. Thus, poverty can stem from loss of employment due to family loss of breadwinner, family break up, low wage, underemployment and poor working conditions, discrimination and unequal opportunities (Nixon, 2011b). However, poverty and unemployment in current society, poverty and unemployment is generally considered a personal problem.
According to Statistics Canada, nearly 1 in 7 Canadian live in poverty, that is nearly 5 million individuals living below the Low-Income Cut-off (LICO). The LICO are income thresholds below which a
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