Causes Of Prison Overcrowding

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Prison overcrowding
In the world, the united states have the highest incarceration rate. Out of the entire 50 states, the state California has the most overcrowded prison. With more than two-hundred thousand people confined in prison in California, it is easy to understand why California state prison and federal prisons have the highest rate of prison overcrowding. According to the California department of corrections and rehabilitation, The design bed capacity of CDCR institutions and camps on December 31, 2010, was 83,981. Which is twice as high as it should be. Overcrowded prisons have negative effects on inmates from physical to psychological. To resolve the problem of overcrowded prisons, the state of California needs to build more prisons, create alternative programs and place more inmates on probation.
What is overcrowding? according to Craig Haney in overcrowding in America prisons is inhumane; overcrowding is “having more prisoners than a facility can accommodate in a psychologically healthy and humane way—is directly connected to many of the problems that currently confront American corrections"( Haney, 2010). The overriding cause of prison overcrowding is obvious. The number of inmates convicted of a crime exceeds the capacity of the correctional institutions built to house these prisoners. However, the dormant cause of the abundance of inmates is less obvious. several factors contribute the increasing growth of prisoners in California. The first being
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