Causes Of Sexual Harassment In Egypt

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Documentaries concerning sexual harassment in Egypt are getting more serious each day. The problem is age-old, however not till lately the government and the media started taking actions against this striking crime. Sexual harassment is present in every society around the world, in every place in Egypt – and it cost women an immeasurable damage emotionally and physically. It terrorizes women holding them back from their lives, work and duties, forcing them to measure the value of opportunities against the risk to their safety. The way sexual harassment has created fear in every basic life demand, women always trying to find a more secure path in their lives by avoiding sexual harassment, which sometimes manipulate their actions and decisions.

The largest majorities face sexual harassment in Egypt, it is a vital problem and studies showed that almost every woman in Egypt had been subjected to it. This problem is notable and can occur in many ways or forms. Not only sexual harassment is constricted to offense – inappropriate act against victims’ will -, but it is any violence that can occur to a woman in any platform or by anyway. Types of violence on women are various, however they can all be placed under two headings: physical sexual harassment and verbal sexual harassment. Nevertheless, The Egyptian Criminal Code has divided crimes of sexual violence against women into two categories a category which contains sexual harassment, and the other category which contains FGM,
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