Causes Of Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects

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Jaleel Green
Cwp 101
Ms. Cozzi
02 May, 2015
The Causes of Sleep Deprivation and Its Effects
Do you know the importance of sleep? Do you know what sleep deprivation can do to you? Sleep deprivation is a terrible disorder that is caused by a lack of sleep. When you are up all night watching TV, or at work late and get home late but have to get up soon to start your day you are on the path of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a consequence of not sleeping, which results in bad health. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem because of the many negative effects it can have on people, and it needs to be prevented by pushing back work and school times and reducing the hours required. Sleep deprivation is a disorder that is very drastic and detrimental to your health. To be more specific, "Sleep deprivation (SD) is a term used to describe what occurs when an organism does not sleep for the amount of time their body requires to function at full efficiency" (Allison 3). For instance, "soldiers in the heat of battle are rarely given a chance to rest, and many find themselves unable to sleep out of sheer paranoia" (Allison 2). Sleep deprivation is a problem on the battlefield and it has been noticed; the U.S wants to change this to save more lives because if you are tried in war you won’t be able to see the bomb coming your way, or even enemy approaching. Sleep Deprivation is a term used to describe what takes place when a person does not sleep for the amount of time required
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