Causes Of Spina Bifida

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Spina Bifida means that you have a split in your spine. Scientist say that there are about 8 babies that are born with spina bifida a day. Doctors detect spina bifida by using MSAFP short for Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein. Other ways that spina bifida can be diagnosed is prenatal screening, Ultrasound and Amniocentesis. Causes of spina bifida is obesity, exposure to high temperatures, exposure to certain chemicals. 2,000 babies of the 4 million babies are born with spina bifida. Children with spina bifida have more problems walking, can have kidney problems and can also have some levels of sexual dysfunction. Spina Bifida usually don't have treatments but certain types of spina bifida can be treated with surgery, prenatal surgery, ongoing
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