Causes Of Spinal Cord Injuries

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Injuries to the spinal cord are serious medical emergencies that are often a result of direct trauma to the spinal column. There are 11,000 new cases of spinal cord injury in the United States each year. The most common causes of injury include motor vehicle accidents, falls, violence, and sports injuries (Lewis, Dirksen, Heitkemper, and Bucher, 2014). Males between ages 16 and 30 are at highest for suffering from a spinal cord injury. These types of injury are highly variable depending on the cause, location, and type of damage making each case unique. The extent of debilitation caused by a spinal cord injury results from a primary and secondary injury. Primary injury is the damage to the spinal cord that occurs as a direct result of…show more content…
Sacco, personal communication, October 29, 2015).
Clinical manifestations are a direct result of trauma that causes cord compression, ischemia, edema, and possible cord transection (L. Dambaugh, personal communication, November 3, 2015). The individual’s signs and symptoms depend on the level and degree of injury. The higher the injury is on the spine, the more serious the clinical manifestations are because everything below the injury site is affected. Respiratory issues occur with cervical spine involvement. If the injury is above C4, there is a total loss of respiratory function because the communication between the respiratory control center and the body is disconnected. If the injury is below C4 and the phrenic nerve is involved the patient will experience diaphragmatic breathing and likely hypoventilation. When the injury is thoracic, abdominal and intercostal muscles are affected and patients are at risk for
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All I had to do to find it was search spinal cord injury support resource in Rochester NY and it was one of the first links shown. You could also find this resource by going directly onto the University of Rochester Medical Center website. The Clinic provides care for individuals of any age that have experienced a spinal cord injury. This is an option for patients and their families to seek out medical treatment and follow-up care that they need. The mission of the clinic is to help individuals to function as independently as possible, improve quality of life and help with transitioning back into the community. Strong offers a variety of different resources within the clinic that help along all stages in the disease process of spinal cord injury. Some examples in the scope of services include the Neuro ICU and Acute Trauma and Medical Care and rehabilitation management for both inpatient and outpatient services. They offer support in education, case management, transition planning, primary and secondary prevention, follow-up services, management medications, a spinal cord injury male fertility program, community advocacy and education, and an annual spinal cord injury health fair. The Spinal Cord Injury Clinic is held at different times throughout each month at Strong Memorial Hospital at University of Rochester
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